One app - a thousand ways
to make a difference.

We're two brothers and we built a mobile application that lets you support nonprofit organizations and fund their projects.

Mystery Box

What if changing the world
was simpler than we thought?

What would it take
to make lasting change?

Turns out, engaging only 3.5% of the population has never failed to bring about radical, lasting change. Wingtap lets you join like-minded people to make change happen with projects worldwide.

How do you eat an elephant?

One bite at a time! Some issues in our world seem large, complex, and hopeless, but are often just a series of smaller, solvable challenges. We can address them, one project at a time.

Why are we doing this?

Profile 1

Because you know what? Today, thousands of miles away or maybe next door, you can build a school, clean a lake, dig a well, or protect a forest forever. You can make a difference, and we are creating something to easily do just that. We want to bring together amazing people around the world who work to change things for the better, with people who can support them.

Like you.

And with so many apps for everything, how about a simple one to do some good? Because it should be easy to invest in us, in our planet.

In the end, with the Wingtap community, we want a future where children only worry about playtime, whales peacefully cruise our oceans, the strange corpse flower blooms, and where destructive forest fires or hurricanes are not the norm.

What about you?

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Join us on our journey!

The Concept
We thought the idea through, researched, and designed the first concepts of wingtap.
Sanity Check
We validated our idea, collected feedback from our target audience and nonprofit organizations.
The Leap of Faith
We smashed our piggy banks and hired GojiLabs to help us develop the mobile application.
Building in Progress
Designs are done, we're building it and looking for the coolest nonprofits on Earth to onboard.
Launch Time, Baby!
Time to fund some impact! The app is now out, go download it. Come on!